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Case Study

Catalyzing Innovation Through Embedded Systems Expertise


  • Our client, a technology company offering edge and cloud-based software, hardware, and middleware, fostering digital transformation across Energy & Utilities, Industries, & Enterprises

  • They sought a comprehensive solution that would enable seamless data acquisition and integration with a known cloud platform

  • This solution needed a robust architecture design and implementation to address their data collection needs while ensuring efficient information modeling and secure configuration transfer

Young Programmer

Where did our customer find us?

  • They had a specific requirement

  • They discovered our presence on social media platforms (LinkedIn, Website)

  • They initiated contact with us through email communication


What was Eclatron's role in this?

  • Developed powerful gateway device firmware for seamless data acquisition

  • Implemented protocol conversion and OPC UA integration for standardized data exchange

  • Integrated with a cloud platform for secure data transmission

  • Designed comprehensive information modeling for organized data analysis

  • Developed cloud-based configuration management system

Business meeting


  • Streamlined data collection from diverse sources

  • Real-time data analysis, monitoring, and predictive maintenance on a cloud platform

  • Improved data insights and actionable intelligence

  • Simplified configuration management and enhanced configuration consistency

Team Brainstorm


  • Eclatron successfully assisted the industry 4.0 product development company in implementing a robust data collection and cloud platform integration solution

  • Helped achieve:

    • Seamless gathering of data from brownfield devices

    • Integration of data from legacy protocols

    • Inclusion of OPC UA compatible devices

    • Secure transmission of data to a cloud platform

    • Empowered the client with valuable insights

    • Enhanced decision-making capabilities

    • Improved operational efficiency

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